Hear from Eudora and her fictitious team Ben, Emily and Mae on coaching, colour, style and how to build a forever wardrobe.

The fictitious team have been created to bring each season to life. They will be writing the regular blog and describing the differences between each season.


Blog Post:


As the autumn leaves start losing their bright colours and the early mornings glint with the frost on the ground, it is time for me to rediscover my scarves. They are like old friends, and I have missed them during the warmer summer months. In the chiller months, I find that scarves start to come into their own as they are a great to keep away the chill. A scarf in a colour that suits your skin tone is also a quick way of giving your face a lift and creating a distance between that outfit that is not in a colour that suits you and your face. I find that a scarf is an inexpensive and practical accessory that can give your wardrobe a new lease of life.

Mae, a cool summer

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