Personal Styling

Eudora, in her own words:

My mother always made sure we looked clean, tidy and smart even when my parents were struggling financially. She’d say that first impressions mattered and that if you wanted to be taken seriously then you needed to dress the part’.

Your clothes not only affect your productivity and overall confidence, but scientists at Northwestern University found that the clothes you wear can change the way you think.

The clothes we wear daily reflect the way we want others to perceive us and how we see ourselves.

You will have a conversation with Eudora in advance of your Personal Styling session. Eudora will actively listen to you and your needs and then prepare your tailor-made Personal Styling experience. Eudora will make sure the experience fits your budget.

During the Personal Styling, Colour and Shape Analysis you will:

The whole aim of this experience is to be effective, efficient and have plenty of space for fun and exploration.

Personal styling services Eudora offers

Understand how to dress your body geometrics & proportions, reflect your inner personality in your clothes and outfits. Eudora has an advanced diploma in personal styling.

She offers personal styling for clients in person and online:

body geometrics

Analysis of your body shape and physique so you know what style of clothes best flatter you

personality style

discover your style personality

men’s styling

Best fit, formal and tailoring - become the everyday Gentleman


Your Personal Styling & Shape Analysis experience will leave you with the knowledge on how to wear clothes that will flatter you.

You will:

After your experience you will:


Contact Eudora to have a conversation about the different services she offers.

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