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Accelerated transformational coaching, inside and out
Accelerated transformational coaching,
inside and out


Colour Analysis is a tool that determines which are your ‘best’ colours. Based on your overall appearance and particularly the colouring of your eyes, hair and skin, you will be assigned one of four colour seasons.

Looking your best empowers you to feel wonderful in everything you wear, everyday.

Eudora has created a fictitious team to help explain the four colour analysis seasons. Each member of the fictitious team to brings a season to life.

The team will be writing the regular blog and describing the differences between each season.

Ben is a Cool Winter

Ben enjoys reading and outdoor swimming. He knows an alarmingly large amount about Norwegian fjords.

Mae is a Cool Summer

Mae enjoys writing and painting. Mae has been know to paint anything even if it moves.

Emily is a Warm Spring

Emily loves a proper cup of tea from a proper pot. Emily has a sizable collection of brightly coloured hats.

Eudora is a Warm Autumn

Eudora loves knitting and creating imaginary friends and colleagues.


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