Colour analysis

Colour analysis

The FOUR SEASONAL system is a well known methodology based on the warm seasons of Spring and Autumn, and the cool seasons of Summer and Winter.

The Seasonal method of colour analysis focuses on the clients’ skin tone and complexion as the main characteristic on which to base the analysis, with hair and eye colour contributing as influences/secondaries. Primarily we consider each individuals’ genetic make-up which falls into either the warm category with a yellow/golden base, or the cool category with a blue base.

These two main categories then get broken down further into four seasons:

Eudora and her fictitious team describe the different seasons:

Ben is a Cool Winter

Ben says: 'Winter colours are described as cool, dark, and intense. The Winter palette is two-sided. On the one hand, we have the dark, intense, clear colours of evergreen trees, heavy skies and winterberries. But we also have the icy cool colours of winter, such as icy pinks, blues and greens'.

Mae is a Cool Summer

Mae says: 'Summer’s colours are described as cool, soft and delicate. A summer garden is a cool, peaceful, restful place, filled with sweet peas, roses and petunias, with their delicate pink, lavender and lemon tones'.

Emily is a Warm Spring

Emily says: 'Spring colours are described as warm, bright and clear. Spring is such a vibrant time of year, with daffodils and tulips coming to life, along with bluebells and rhododendrons'.

Eudora is a Warm Autumn

Eudora says: 'Autumn colours can be described as warm, earthy and muted. Autumn is a beautiful season with all the gorgeous colours we see in the leaves on our trees, including golds, oranges and reds, and the earthy tones of the ground and trees'.


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