Accelerated transformational coaching, inside and out
Accelerated transformational coaching,
inside and out

Eudora, in her own words:

Receiving coaching over the years helped me understand the knotted confusion in my life and discover that my wounds were the very things that became my gifts.

Eudora is an accelerated transformational coach which integrates traditional coaching methods with somatic & intuitive coaching.

Accelerated Transformation Coaching is a unique approach to uncovering the authentic leader in you and getting to the core of your soul purpose. A focus on untying the knots that are stopping you living a totally fulfilling life. Turning those knots into gold. We are all leaders in different aspects of our lives. This unknotting process helps you access that leadership – it is alchemy.

Eudora has qualifications in traditional coaching methods including transactional analysis and organisational behaviour. She is also qualified in somatic & intuitive coaching and authentic leadership training.

Eudora offers one-to-one and couples coaching as well coaching within a small group.

Eudora can both look at specific issues professional or personal or take a bigger view of where you are and where you want to go.

Eudora takes a holistic view to coaching as she considers all parts of who you are.

The DARE TO RETHINK approach to coaching is instinctive

Eudora meets you where you are in each moment. Eudora uses active listening to listen deeply to what is being said behind the words, tuning into you.

Eudora is trained in Transactional Analysis, Organisational Behaviour and other traditional coaching methods.

Transactional Analysis is a system of psychology based on the idea that one’s behaviour and social relationships reflect an interchange between parental (critical and nurturing), adult (rational), and childlike (intuitive and dependent) aspects of personality established early in life.

Eudora is trained in Somatic & Intuitive Coaching Methods.

Somatic Coaching is about embodying what you learn in a physical way, and not just receiving cognitively new information.

People do not change because they have learnt something new; they change because they engage in new habits that change who they are.


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