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Accelerated transformational coaching, inside and out
Accelerated transformational coaching,
inside and out

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Eudora, in her own words:

Life threw me some hard curve balls. My knots include moving countries and going to boarding school at a young age, a mother with narcissistic behaviours, being ostracised and disinherited by my birth family, the death of my parents, divorced from a man who didn’t want me to exist, becoming a single mother, the main breadwinner and carer to an 18-month-old baby while having no secure home.

I felt the knots tighten inside me with every curve ball.

And yet even when I was at my most vulnerable, overwhelmed, scared and alone, there was something inside me that fought for survival, that sought a different reality, that dared to thrive.

I dared to delve into myself, searching for truth and authenticity.

I managed to find my purpose and am now living a full-filled and happy life with family and friends I love deeply.

I think creatively to make something out of nothing. I think outside the box which gives me further access to seeing the world in a whole different way.

I learnt how to loosen and untie my knots and turn them into gold.

My purpose in life is to use my personal experiences to help others turn their knots into gold, step more into their authentic selves and discover their path.

Eudora, in her own words

My friends, family and clients describe me as: warm, wise, patient, funny, brave, empathetic, approachable, loving, enthusiastic, creative, curious, non-judgmental and deep.

Eudora can speak English, French and German fluently and has a basic level in Spanish and Italian.

Eudora is the co-author of Putting the Heart back into Business.


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