This work has been transformational in developing my Management Team. Eudora's years of experience and depth have been invaluable in helping positive change amongst us all. Her work develops aspects of leadership that other courses do not reach and I would thoroughly recommend that you book yourself and your team into her course and engage in some coaching!


I was first introduced to Eudora by the managing director of the company I work for, Matthew Raynor of Raynor Foods, in June 2018.

I was at that time in very early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and had taken the very daunting step of informing my boss of my problem. 

Since our first meeting I have thoroughly enjoyed and really benefited from Eudora's sessions, she has opened my eyes to different ways of dealing with situations and has helped me reflect on my life in a way I never had before. 

Eudora also conducted an amazing session with me and my partner as we were about to go through some real changes in our relationship. I can speak for both of us when I say it really helped us - our relationship is going from strength to strength.

Personally, I have never felt better. I am closing in on one year clean and sober and I am a completely different person, healthier and happier in every way.

Eudora has been a massive part of my recovery and I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is feeling lost and looking to improve their life.




Having worked with Eudora for several years I cannot recommend her approach and practices more highly. Challenging and incisive, I find myself compassionately questioned and held to account in all our sessions, in a safe environment which is focused on my needs and growth. I have discovered myself and who I am as a leader, a father, a husband and a son.

The overriding spirit of Eudora's work is compassion, always placing my best interests at the heart of the work even when I find myself unable to discern the direction of travel.

If you sense that there is something in your life that needs addressing, I can honestly say there is no better guide and companion on your journey towards personal growth than Eudora.


I can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically vouch for the work Eudora provides.

I have found Eudora to be consistently kind, compassionate and sensitive, and also skilled and talented, both in the processes I've seen her guide, on the workshops I've attended that she has hosted, and in her day-to-day dealings with myself and others. The word 'integrity' springs to mind strongly when I think of Eudora. I find Eudora to be compassionate and mindful towards herself also, which I believe to be vital in providing this work.

I know Eudora is extremely commited and contagiously enthusiastic about the work she provides for others in the hope that we all, in our own ways, make the world a better place for ourselves, for each other, and for our descendants.



Coming up to Christmas, I was dreading the family dynamics and dealing with the negativity that arises for me with my sibling and her family. The session I did with Eudora gave me a new perspective on my place within the family and freed me from needing their approval in the way I had for years.

Eudora has a compassionate, objective way about her that made me feel secure in finding myself without fear of judgement.

Eudora enabled me to change my thinking. I can't praise Eudora and Andrew's services highly enough.


After twenty years of marriage, and now he is sharing - wonderful!


I needed some space and support to work through an issue that wasn’t entirely clear until the process started.

We did a process which enabled me to re-connect with my deceased father and little girl.

I'm extremely satisfied by the outcome! Blown away by the idea my little one can stay in her den and I can choose who I invite in. That she’s not wrong or bad for being quiet and shy.

I felt a deep shift within me, a coming home to that part of myself I’d rejected/lost. I’m more in tune with the quiet vulnerable part of me and starting to love her too!! I have also been able to bring that to my marriage, by communicating when the prickly defensive wall comes up - it may need to be there occasionally and sometimes by sharing this with my man the defences crumble and I can let him in... magic!!

Sometimes we have a gut feeling something is wrong or out of balance within ourselves but can’t quite put our fingers on what it is let alone what we need to do to support ourselves through. Showing up exactly as you are, with no agenda, staying present and true to yourself will allow the love, support and initiative process to guide you to where you need to be for healing and transformation - this was my experience.